Full Service Commercial Roof Maintenance and Repairs

Protect the Longevity of Your Roof

Your roof is a capital investment—and its long-term performance depends on making preventative maintenance a priority. The experienced roofing professionals at Total Roofing Services can handle all of your commercial roof maintenance needs, from modifications and emergency leak repairs to ongoing preventative maintenance.

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Emergency Leak Repairs

We’re Here When You Need Us

Leaks don’t operate on normal business hours. When you need emergency leak repairs, we respond with urgency. Our team will work quickly to stop the leak, assess the damage, and provide an estimate for the needed repairs. The next time you are dealing with unexpected water infiltration at your commercial property, don’t panic: Contact the team at Total Roofing Services.

Preventative Roof Maintenance

Any investment requires maintenance, and your building’s roof is certainly not an exception. Give it the attention, service, and maintenance it needs to withstand the elements in Cleveland and protect your building—and your business—for many years to come. Total Roofing is a full-service preventative maintenance provider.

Roof Restoration

Roof coatings are an environmentally conscious solution that minimizes disruption to your business, but you must first determine whether your building is a candidate. Allow us to help you make that determination.

Roof Modifications

Over the life of your building, the use of the building may change, requiring modifications to your roof system. This may include flashing modifications, relocating vents and stacks, and adding drainage. Incorporating the right materials and solutions into your existing building is critical for these modifications to perform properly with the existing roof system.